My style of newborn photography is natural and relaxed. I take the lead of the baby during our session with no 2 sessions the same your experience and images will be unique to you.

I don't pose babies in unnatural ways, taking the lead of your baby to position them how they are comfortable with a range of different fabrics, textures and accessories simplicity is the key, your baby and all their perfect details are the focus of this session.


We will do our best to make sure bub is feeling safe, content and sleepy during our session which means a warm room, a full belly, a clean nappy and some extra loving cuddles. It always helps to start our session with a big feed to get bub full and sleepy, sometimes we require top ups during our session if bub is unsettled so bring plenty of backups if bottle feeding and plenty of nappies. From there we will settle bub to sleep whether thats on my cushion or in mum/dads arms. If bub doesn't want to sleep that is completely fine too, awake or asleep we will capture some beautiful shots. If bub is awake and content we might start with some solo awake shots or some sibling shots and slowly assist them to sleep. The order of our photos will vary depending on what they want.


Newborns are so unpredictable and each day is different, one day they may sleep all day, the next they might be awake and content all day and the next unsettled cluster feeding. As mentioned no 2 babies are the same so we will take their lead. Our session might include 3 top ups and 5 nappy changes, we might need to do none. This is why we allow so much time for newborns, patience and persistence is key, we will get there and in the mean time I'll enjoy extra baby cuddles as i help assist them to sleep.

A big chunk of the shooting is focused on bub, after all its about them and those perfect features you grew but we will get plenty with mum and dad too and siblings if there are any. If siblings do come a long I understand it is a long time and they can get bored and over it so I suggest bringing snacks and entertainment along.


If you choose to capture your newborn on location at sunset this will be similar to a family shoot where to focus is on you as a family, lots of bubs in arms and family shots. I will also bring along a basket and blankets so we can still get some solo shots of bub too 


There is no perfect time to capture your baby, each week is so perfect and beautiful and with my natural style of newborn photography I don't need them to be in that under 10 day sleepy window, I shoot up to 3 months and love capturing each and every stage. We will only reschedule a session if bub hasn't arrived by the time of our shoot or if you are still in hospital. If bub comes early, don't stress our booked that will be a perfect time to still capture them.


I am here the entire time leading up to our session for any questions or advice and will assist with locations, wardrobe styling and anything you need to prepare for our session


I provide styling advice leading up to all my sessions. My client wardrobe has a growing collection of dresses for mum, all chosen with mums in mind suitable for most sizes during or post pregnancy and breastfeeding while sticking true to my photography style and fashion.

Newborn pieces including outfits, blankets, accessories etc are all included in my sessions.

For siblings, my collection of kids pieces is also forever growing and is often helpful for those last pieces missing to complete the family look. If clients choose to source part of or all the looks themselves I offer guidance the entire way and will be here to chat and help with any decisions and provide my advice on styles and colours


Newborns are shot at my home in Success unless the client has requested at there home or we chose to do a sunset location shoot. If you chose to shoot at your home a travel fee may incur and I ask that you are confident in the space in your home for photos and the space has well lit natural light.


Newborn shoots are a little more posed then location shoots but I like for our sessions to be as relaxed as possible so I'll provide guidance and pose you during it. Hold your baby close, soak in their little features and we're good


After your session you will receive your images via an online gallery for digital download up to 3 weeks after our session. You will receive the number of images depending on your session booked via pixieset, these are yours to download and keep. If you receive your gallery and love what you see and want more I offer gallery upgrades

Got any questions? Visit my FAQ or get in touch if the answer is not there

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-All edited images are provided via online gallery for download.

-A $150 non refundable deposit is required upon booking.
-Prices are subject to change and are only locked in at time of deposit.
-Turn around time for photos is 3 weeks

-A travel fee may incur with travel more then 25 minutes from Success

-My sessions are for immediate family only, no extended families sorry

Full T&C's will be sent with invoice