When I'm not shooting I'm boy mum to Brooklyn + Kobi, wife to Jarrad, cook + cleaner, all round fun seeker living life to the fullest and creator/director of kids line Fred+Brooks. I'm a busy busy bee. I don't do low key or quiet, I'm always on the go and always out whether it be exploring with my boys, travelling, working or shooting love. I think life is too short to sit around the house and I want to embrace every minute possible and capture all the moments to remind you and I of just how lucky we are


Growing up I never knew what I wanted to be, I had always seen myself doing something creative but didn't know what. From a young teen age like most I loved taking my digital camera every where I went including the local clubs with my my fluro pink nikon waterproof coolpix attached to my wrist.

I became a mother at the young age of 23 and instantly knew this is what I was meant to be. I had never felt more me and it brought out this hidden passion for photography that slowly progressed over the years as I shared more and more snaps of my boys and my life through my personal social media accounts.

It wasn't until mid 2018 I decided to create a page solely for my photography and to offer others for me to capture them the way I capture my boys. From there my creative mind really got the chance to blossom and I feel like I've really found my place in this world, that it was this I was destined for. That I am here as a mother and as a photographer to share your love stories. My style has evolved so much in this short time but that's why photography is so amazing, constantly testing yourself and finding new ways to capture beauty in raw and authentic ways.

I love to let my creative mind run free with my imagery and there's nothing more I love then clients who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and get creative with me. I want my images to speak. I want you to feel what they're feeling. I want you to get goosebumps. I don't do posed, I find it awkward and unnatural. I like things a little bit quirky, I like to get real and weird with my clients and have a laugh to break that initial awkwardness you all feel so you can show me your true self.

Sunset is my bestfriend. I love it bright and I also love it moody and a little grainy and don't ask me why but out of focus shots are my jam, they just speak to me.

I'm just an every day easy going girl, I wont make you do things you want to do, I'm here to chat to whenever you want. I want you to think of me as a friend. If you think I sound like your girl lets chat. If you want to do something crazy or strip off lets do it just ask!

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